There is no orange on the market like a Le Gamin one, grown by the Grupo Cañamás. Cañamás is committed to offering only the freshest and best oranges and these are Le Gamin. These oranges are incredibly different from any others you have ever tasted. The intensity of their taste is perfect both in their acidity and sweetness, extremely pleasant and exceptionally delicious.

Le Gamin is much more than a brand, it is the reflection of how we do our job, it is the incarnation of unique product and the distinction of a job well done. Le Gamin is a promise of quality that has been kept.

With this brand we have managed to differentiate ourselves and be identified as a referent for the historic quality of our produce. Le Gamin is the reflection of our values which make the Grupo Cañamás a referent in the growing and selling of citrus fruits in Europe.

When we select Le Gamin oranges we look for those which, depending on the variety, have the perfect shape, brilliant colour and best taste. Le Gamin has created a category of its own in the marketplace, it has created recognisable oranges which have made this brand a symbol that is recognised and sought-after by consumers. We are privileged to be able to offer them to the consumer and for them to share with us the pleasure of savouring them.

Le Gamin is more than a gourmet product. Grown in the best soils and cared for by the most skilful hands, Le Gamin benefit from the latest innovative technology and vast experience. Besides, each Le Gamin orange is subjected to careful scrutiny which guarantees their excellent quality.

Grown by expert hands, nurtured with dedication, displaying magnificent shapes and textures, perfect colours and unsurpassable taste, that is what Le Gamin oranges are.