At Cañamás Hermanos we work with recyclable containers and packaging that looks after the citrus fruits and the environment.
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At Grupo Cañamás we work to protect both our citrus fruits and the environment. Our work philosophy reflects this sensitivity to take care of the environment around us, so we always use reusable packaging and materials.

Cardboard package

Recyclable cardboard

At Cañamás Hnos we use recyclable cardboard boxes that maintain the freshness of the product in the different stages of the supply chain. The aim is to protect and distribute our citrus fruits in the most optimal way for their conservation while being respectful of the environment.

Reusable wood

The use of wooden containers for the distribution of our citrus fruits allows us to reduce food waste thanks to better ventilation and cooling of the product. By better preserving the fruit both in storage and distribution, we reduce production scrap and, in turn, environmental pollution.

Through the reuse of wooden pallets we improve sustainability and minimize our environmental impact by reducing the use of wood. These processes add value to our citrus fruits, which maintain quality and all their properties while protecting our environment.

Plastic package

Sustainable packaging

The use of IFCO RPCs makes it possible to reduce costs while protecting our citrus fruits throughout the distribution process. Through the reuse of packaging, we are able to reduce our environmental impact by maintaining the quality of the product at all times. This type of packaging allows us to improve efficiency in the supply chain and reduce food waste.