Special varieties
Find the most special varieties of citrus, with a different taste perfect for fresh consumption.
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Special varieties

In addition to the best-known citrus varieties, on our farms we grow what we call “special citrus”, with characteristics different from the rest of citrus that make them suitable for consumption as table fruit.

With a more bitter pulp than the rest and with some seeds, they are citrus fruits that maintain all the flavour and quality properties of our best citrus fruits.


A small elongated citrus with some seeds. Cumquats are consumed with skin. The skin is thin and sweet, and the inside is a little bitter, which gives them that characteristic flavour.


Round and orange, these oranges have slightly pink flesh. They do not contain seeds and have a juice percentage between 48 and 50%.

Bitter orange

A globular shaped fruit flattened at the base and the top. It is orange and has a rough, glandular skin. Many seeds can be found. The pulp is very bitter and acidic.