Table clementines
Discover our table clementines grown on our farms and available throughout the year.
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Table clementines


Table clementines have similar characteristics to table oranges. They are juicy and sweet citrus due to their sugar content. Their thin skin allows them to be peeled easily. They usually have no seeds and, being smaller fruits than oranges, are ideal for consumption as table fruit.

We have a wide range of table clementines on our estates, so we can serve you clementines throughout the year with the best flavour for fresh consumption.


They are oblate shaped and have thin reddish orange skin. They have almost no seeds (without cross-pollination) and have a juicy pulp with 47-54% juice.


Large, flat citrus fruit with a deep orange skin. They have no seeds and their levels of sugar and acidity make it possible to obtain a nice juice.


A reddish, flat orange. Their skin is shiny and thin with no seeds, facilitating its consumption.


An intense, bright orange hybrid citrus. Easy to peel with a high percentage of juice (50-57%). No seeds.


Great quality and easy to peel. Citrus with a yellowish orange colour and no seeds. They contain a high percentage of sugar and a balanced acidity.