Table oranges
Find the best varieties of table oranges, characteristic for their shape and taste.
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Table oranges


Table oranges are characterised by their mild flavour and fine skin. They are citrus with a low level of acidity, which gives them that sweet taste perfect for daily consumption.

They are easy to peel as their skin is thin and have a pleasant texture to the taste, with a pulp of intense color and almost seedless.

The main group of table oranges is the navel group, characteristic for being fruits with navel. In our estates we cultivate diverse varieties of table oranges during the whole season. Discover its features and choose the variety that best suits your needs.


An early variety, with an intense orange colour. No seeds, with a juicy pulp and a high percentage of juice. With a thin crust that makes them ideal for fresh consumption.


Round, firm oranges. They have a high percentage of sugar and a maturity index higher than the Navelina. They have no seeds and they have a tasty pulp.


Citrus fruits with a rounded shape and orange colour. With thinner skin than other varieties, they do not contain seeds. They have a sweet and pleasant taste, with 55-58% juice.


Oranges with a slightly elongated shape and a thin skin. They have no seeds and a tasty pulp. Fruits of medium size and good consistency, with a percentage of juice of 50-54%.


A larger sized fruit, round and orange. It has thin skin and a moderate adherence to the pulp. The juice obtained is high in sugar and low in acid.


Elongated round fruits with an orange colour slightly lighter than Navels. They have a juice content of 50- 55 % and occasionally some seed may be found